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I'm Neil. Here I am looking more tanned than usual on officially the hottest day of the year. I had to walk up four flights of steps in an old warehouse, but it was worth it.

But you don't care about that, so here's how I can help you.

I'm a former journalist, PR professional, and copywriter turned all-round content marketer. I've worked for a range of B2B and B2C brands, both in-house and in agencies, covering just about every niche subject you can think of.

In other words, I'm adaptable. I'm also data-driven. 

Good content, to me, isn't just about nice words on a page. It's about knowing your audience and what they search for. It's about having the evidence to justify writing a certain piece of content and then making that piece of content matter.


Ultimately, it's about getting results. Here's what I mean...

My experience in numbers

Numbers aren't the ONLY thing I care about, but let's face it - they look good when you're talking about yourself. And people seem to like them. So here are some numbers:

  • I drove Ripe Insurance's organic annual blog traffic from c.100k to just under 1.5 million in four years, and grew annual organic content revenue to over £100k.

  • I increased a retained client's monthly blog revenue from £201.75 in May 2022 to £6,196.96 in August 2023.

  • I've also grown this client's page 1 rankings by 1300% in 12 months.

  • At Visualsoft, my copy helped a client achieve organic page 1 rankings for search terms such as “best men’s jackets 2022” and increased YoY first quarter blog traffic for another client by 165%.

Who I've worked with


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