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I found this page the toughest. How do I pick half a dozen pieces from a career spanning over a decade? And how do I know that the examples I've chosen are the best examples? Anyway, I've had a go. Here's what I've worked on.

Written content

Interactive Asset: Small Music Venues Index

I worked on this interactive map of the UK's small music venues when I was at Ripe Insurance. The idea for it came from a discussion with a colleague about how we could support the UK's declining grassroots music scene with a 'linkable' asset. The map was covered in high-profile outlets such as NME, BBC Radio 6 Music, Bristol Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, MyLondon, and Gigwise.


Whitepaper: Key Considerations For Optimising Your Packaging Process

An example of long-form, technical, B2B content. tna Solutions is one of the world's leading food processing and packaging providers. I left the agency I worked for at the time before this whitepaper published, so I don't have any data on how many downloads it got, but this was a big brand to write for and a thorough creative exercise.

Website Rewrite: EggBox Web Design

A complete website rewrite project with a former colleague. Stephen is an agile and accomplished designer from Liverpool, who is outgoing, sincere, and a great character. It was important for me to capture his down-to-earth personality in my copy, and this page allowed me to do that. If you'd like to work with Stephen and I on an integrated copywriting and design project, get in touch below.


Website Rewrite: Lightningstrike Connections, Ghostwriting Agency

This was a write-up from scratch, which presented its own creative challenges and opportunities. Collin is a social media strategist and ghostwriter based in the US, and simplicity is his core principle. Collin wanted to spell out in plain English what his target client's pain points are, how he'll solve them, and how he'll make them more money.  I loved uncovering his story, values, and vision for the future, all of which are reflected in my copy.

LinkedIn Ghostwriting: David Walsh, Specialist Marketing Recruiter

An example of how much traction a client has gained from my writing. David is a self-employed marketing recruitment consultant from Manchester, with a clear brand proposition. He's a straight-talking, authentic person who wants to take the fluff out of recruiting. This post I wrote for him is true to his values. It generated hundreds of likes, triggered quite the debate, and led to numerous enquiries regarding his services. 


Blog Post: The Best Tobacco E Liquids On The Market

A blog post I wrote for Vapekit, one of the UK's leading online vape shops. This post has received more than 6,000 visits and contributed to just under £4,000 worth of product sales in the 12 months it's been live. It took me a couple of days to write and upload. These numbers show the return on investment that just one blog post can deliver, and reflect the wider increases Vapekit has seen across the board since taking me on.

Page Rewrite: Jeryco Store Ring Sizing Page

Another project I worked on with someone I knew prior to working with them. Anna and I went to college together, and her website features a stunning array of jewellery. She needed to rewrite and optimise her existing content, so I worked on this ring sizing page. It got to the top of page 1 on Google for the query 'will jewellers measure ring size for you', which was a positive result for a relatively straightforward rewrite.


Coverage Secured


An example of the coverage I secured for the Insure4Music interactive map of the UK's small music venues, as explained above. We noticed an uplift in brand traffic, rankings, and sales following this piece of coverage, which was nice.


Daily Mail

A PR campaign on the importance of having defibrillators at golf clubs. Former golfer and Europe Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher was the brand ambassador for the company I worked for at the time, and he was the face of the campaign, having suffered a cardiac arrest. I contacted the Daily Mail journalist promising her an exclusive interview with Bernard if she could guarantee a mention of the brand within the piece, and that was the end result.

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